Joomla Support ServicesWe provide Joomla! specific services available to assist you in creating and maintaining a current, state of the art web site.  We can also provide services to build and host your Joomla! web site and if you need services to design your site we can build a fully responsive, contemporary Joomla! template. Once you choose a hosting package with us we will include monthly maintenence and administrative services for your web site!  Sitll wondering what we do?  Click here to find out more!

Consider hosting with us on our servers. We have years of experience - as a matter of fact we have been working with Joomla! from its very beginnings! Some of the Joomla! services we offer are:

Need a custom Joomla! template created?  We can help you design a custom template that suits your specific needs and requirements. Responsive design, fixed or fluid layout, manage columns and modules, ready to install on your Joomla! web site! To find out more or get started click here!Joomla Custom Template Services

Once your new web site is designed you'll need to host and install it. Let us help you create a stunning web site as well as get it up and running fast and professionally!  Click here to order your Joomla! CMS pre-installed hosting package. (fully managed plus template creation included with select packages)

 Some examples of sites we've worked on:

 Bob Rosenberg Group Independent Representatives   Lawrence Foundation  

Ask yourself:  Do I need to manage my web site but don't have the time or staffing to do it?  Wondering about the availability of add-ons but don't have the time to research them?  How about specific expertise in managing your web site - tweaking server configurations, email settings or getting a web site extension running properly? 

We can be your site and server administrator easily and affordably!  Among services we can provide for you, we will post content to your web site that you supply to us. We can add images, graphics and text. We will manage and administrate your web site creating forms, setting up email accounts and aliases, monitor user activities, administer mailing campaigns and more.  We will troubleshoot issues when found.  Joomla ConsultantsWe will do this and more when you select one of our new inclusive hosting plans.

Save MoneyWe can save you money - don't have a budget for a full time IT Specialist, a web administrator or your IT staff doesn't have time or expertise for your web site?  Letting a Simple2Solutions web specialist manage your web site and all web activities can save you big in the long run! Hosting with and allowing one of our expert Joomla administrators manage your web site for a fraction of the cost of a full time web administrator!

Need a web site designed?  We can do that too! We will work with you to create your web site and enable you to reach the world (or just a select target group if that is what you need).  Select hosting packages also include custom web site design or you can order web site design services.

Web Sites powered by JoomlaJoomla is one of the most powerful Content Management Systems around!  We have been working with Joomla! from its beginnings, let us help you by utilizing our experience and knowledge to create a powerful presence on the Internet.

Notice regarding Simple2FTP product

Our Web based FTP application is no longer being sold and all support for the
product - Simple2FTP has ended as of Dec. 31, 2017